About Us


Bruce Burns, president of Low Cost Life Insurance, Inc., started his insurance career in 1988 with a MBA in finance, a phone, a phone book and a burning desire to help others.

A hundred calls a day and many, many sore fingers later, he not only established a national reputation and a successful practice, but he also developed a new model to approach discriminating high net worth individuals and business owners.

This new delivery model quickly proved itself more efficient, highly valuable and undeniably unique. But while he leveraged the latest in technology to deliver premium insurance solutions for protecting his clients’ hard earned success he remained committed to good old fashioned customer service.

Bruce recognized his best customers, those ultra-successful individuals and business owners, had become disillusioned with their previous carrier’s cavalier attitude and dated, old-school methods. Instead of maintaining the status quo, he opened new channels to deliver the apex of coverage for the lowest price.

Over the past 28 years, Bruce Burns has worked his way to becoming one of the top 50 life insurance agents in the country. He is available now to speak with you directly to analyze your life insurance portfolio.  In 2 minutes or less, he can advise you on how to maximize your life insurance benefit for the least possible expenditure.   Low Cost Life Insurance, Inc. does not operate a call bank.

CALL (630) 406-8490 NOW and talk directly to Bruce about your specific situation!